Prospect Magazine

Hello. My name is Clive Goddard and I am a man who wears three distinct hats. Four if you include the furry one with the ear-flaps.

1:  A professional cartoonist, published in Private Eye, Prospect, Punch, Playboy, New Statesman, The Spectator & Many Others.

Other clients include The BBC, American Express, Oxford University Press & Specsavers and an assortment of nice humans. 

2: An illustrator of non-fiction children's books for Scholastic including the 'Horribly Famous' series, 'Bonkers Books' and the 'Totally' series.

3: A writer of children's books including the award-winning 'Fintan Fedora the World's Worst Explorer' series.

4: The furry one with ear-flaps.

5: This pith helmet.
But it doesn't count because I borrowed it.

I live in Oxford, have one wife, two nostrils, three cats and approximately four children. My hobbies include traveling, putting marmite on things, sleeping a lot and wrestling woodpeckers.